Upgrading of Existing Solar Installations

Energy needs usually change over time. For example, maybe you installed air conditioning in your house, or are considering an electric car, and want your solar installation to cover the increase in electricity usage.

Another scenario could be that you already have a solar installation, that partly covers your energy needs, and you desire to become energy independent, with solar energy covering all of your energy demands.

Different than salesmen sometimes make you believe, upgrading an existing solar system usually involves more than just adding more panels to it. 

Modern panels have a much higher output than older ones, and combining them with older ones is problematic. The addition of more powerful panels can cause damage to the charge controller and inverter involved. An inventorisation of your existing system is needed to calculate the possibilities.

Sometimes it are the safety regulations of the old system which cause a complication in the upgrading. By law it is demanded that when alterations are made to the existing system, the whole system needs to meet the present regulations. In some cases adding a new system that sits alongside your existing system is the simpler solution as it avoids any issues with the existing system.

Having said that, upgrading your solar system, definitely is a possibility worthwhile looking into. For starters, modern grid tied inverters do give opportunities to combine solar panels of different age and output, and addition of monitoring equipment can give better control and insight of system performance. 

example of monitoring a solar installation


Whatever your situation is, getting in contact with us to is the best first step to take.  Over the years we have built up quite some experience in upgrading solar energy installations. An visit to your house to evaluate the desired changes is free of charge or any obligation.