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Solar Park in Formentera

Two Solar Energy Parks for Ibiza?

“Making progress in the field of renewable energies by gradually abandoning the ones that are most polluting”. That is the objective of the Balearic Government for this term, according the Minister of Energy, Juan Pedro Yllanes, who met with the president of the Consell d’Eivissa, Vicent Marí.

“We want the Balearic Islands to be a pioneer in terms of clean energy, and so we have to instal solar energy here on the island,” he explained. The Minister commented also that ” in the last auction of subsidies by the Ministry of Ecological Transition – for the first time there are two projects for the implementation of solar energy in Ibiza.”

In total, 41 projects were presented in the Balearic Islands to apply for these grants totaling 40 million. At the moment it is not known what the locations for the solar parcs will be.

As in Formentera and the rest of the islands, Yllanes asked the Consell d’Eivissa to carry out a zoning study “Because they are the ones who know their territory best: which areas are protected, and therefore cannot have any installation of solar panels, and which ones are more suitable, with also taking into account the landscape values ​​of the island”.
He also added that, because in Ibiza 50% of the population lives spread out, it makes it interesting for self-consumption, since the surplus can be sold to the grid, and in that way we can move forward in the energy transition.

BIT center in sa Coma
Another subject that was addressed in the meeting between the Minister and the President of the Consell was the possibility of installing, within the Smart Island project, a BIT Center for Innovation and technology in Sa Coma.
At the moment it is a question that is being studied because we want to prevent that Ibiza will be the only island not having a delegation from this center. “It is an intelligence center that will boost the entire economic fabric of the island, as it does in Menorca or Mallorca,” Yllanes explained.
President Vicent Marí also asked the Minister for help to lighten and facilitate the administrative procedures for the entire issue of electricity supply in Ibiza, because procedures with Gesa Endesa complicate the continuity and completion of certain works,so he clarified.

Source: Periódico de Ibiza