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15 million Spaniards are breathing air the EU considers polluted. Dirty air causes 64,000 early deaths every year in the UK, and this number is expected to rise sharply in the coming years. Worldwide it causes 8.8 million deaths each year, which is more than deaths caused by smoking. The costs for health systems are enormous. It is estimated that Continue Reading
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In this post, we take a more detailed look at 5 solar technologies that will have the biggest impact on the solar industry over the coming years. 2019 new solar technology — where are we headed? When most people hear the words ‘solar power’ they instantly think of good ‘ole solar panels on rooftops or in a solar farm in Continue Reading
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Electric Vehicles Ibiza - solar power UK
The UK government unveiled plans which could see all new-build homes fitted with electric-car charging points. The plans, which were laid out in a consultation published Monday, would look to support what the government described as “the growing uptake of electric vehicles within the U.K.” If put into practice, all new-build homes with dedicated parking spaces would have charging points Continue Reading
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The MINI is an icon of British culture. For its 60th anniversary, the brand is announcing a MINI Electric. Thankfully, the new electrified offering is not a concept, but is actually set to come to market in early 2020. With competitive pricing, the MINI Electric will stick to the brand’s original promise — to deliver an affordable compact vehicle for Continue Reading
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Islands in the EU can now benefit from a support mechanism for new renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that includes help with early-stage, pre-feasibility studies as well as technical and financial due diligence for more advanced projects. The Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat, representing the European Commission, launched the scheme earlier this week, allowing islands to apply for Continue Reading
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