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We Installed 12.4kW Solar Power for Self-Consumption


This customer wanted to reduce the energy bills for this house. With the 12.4kW installed his energy bills will be minimal. In 4 years time the investment will be paid for, and from that point on he will save yearly about 4000,-

Installed are 40 panels of 310W each, a SMA Sunny Tripower 10 inverter, together with a SMA Home Manager to maximize the efficiency of the power usage.


Because of the inevitable shading that happens here during the winter on some of the panels, we have chosen for REC panels with TwinPeak technology that keep functioning even when they are partially shaded


Each string of panels is fuse protected.



The house is mostly used during the summer months, which made it possible to give the panels a low inclination, so that they are not visible from the garden or surroundings.

Delighted to have made another customer happy, and Ibiza a bit more Green!