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Hi there, and welcome at Electro Solar Ibiza

Sergei Fursov - Electro Solar Ibiza
Sergei Fursov, owner of Electro Solar


Electro Solar is Ibiza’s specialist residential solar energy installation company. We have years of experience, enthusiasm and expertise at fitting all types of energy systems designed to take advantage of Ibiza’s annual 300 days of sunshine.

Below you can discover many of the services provided by Electro Solar. You’ll also find news about some of the latest developments in solar energy technology. And, we’ll explain as clearly as possible, all the ins and outs of having your own renewable energy supply.

Here are Some Good Reasons Why to Choose Electro Solar

quality solar energy installation Impeccable Quality

We are fully educated, qualified and trained to German industry standards. We will never cut corners or provide a less-than-thorough job. You can rest assured the energy systems we fit will offer market-leading reliability and efficiency.

In short, we are almost obsessed with delivering truly top-class solar energy systems in Ibiza.

That’s a promise.

communication electro solarWe’re Honest

We have an absolute commitment to transparent communication, probably in your language. We speak English, Spanish, Dutch, Russian and German. And we’re friendly.

More importantly, we have an absolute belief in integrity. You can rely on us to keep our word and to be straightforward with you.

With Electro Solar you won’t end up with a bill inflated by hidden costs, surprise price rises or unexpected additions. There’ll be no dodgy, cunning or sleazy salespeople to deal with. All we offer is good, honest, high-quality workmanship.

That’s a promise.

maintenance and repair solar energy systemReliable Aftercare

Solar energy systems are a complex combination of technologies. Its component parts, such as solar panels, are normally guaranteed for 25 years and inverters for 10 years. At Electro Solar we go a step further. All our labour comes with a two-year warranty.

And, although solar energy installations are generally extremely reliable, on rare occasions parts do fail. If a problem arises with any component of our installation you can rely on us to put it right. Usually on the same day.

That’s a promise.

we love our jobWe Love Our Work

Our hearts sing every time we get the opportunity to provide a client with a solar system to deliver all the clean energy they need. Together we’re helping to build a sustainable future for Ibiza and the world. Renewable energy makes us tick. We’re truly passionate about solar power.

No promises required!

Be Bright,
Be Smart,

Let the Sunshine in

Why Do People Go Solar in Ibiza

I. To Reduce Their Energy Bills

save money with solar energy ibiza

All our solar installations will save you money. How much, to some extent, is up to you. There are different levels of initial investment.

Small systems, for instance, are available for a lower initial outlay. These are less flexible as they don’t offer battery storage. However, they’re generally more portable. So, you can usually take them with you if you move to a new house.

With a larger installation you can achieve complete energy self-sufficiency. These systems normally pay for themselves in about five years. Their expected lifespan is more than 25 years. In other words, you can expect what is effectively free electricity for at least 20 years.

II. When Power Lines Can’t Deliver Enough Electricity to a House

power lines ibiza

Many people in Ibiza renovate a beautiful old finca or build their own homes only to find mains electricity is very limited, if it’s available at all. New power lines can now only be installed underground. This is a very expensive solution. Usually it costs well over 100,000 euros.

Electro Solar can provide you with a system that will provide all the extra power you require. Not only is it better for the environment, it’s better for your pocket too.




III. To To Protect the Environment

renewable energy ibiza

Switching to renewable energy sources, such as solar power, contributes to a cleaner environment and helps slow the rise in global warming. It’s not just governments that are trying to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. As individuals we can play our part too to reduce consumption and switch to alternative energy sources.

Every solar installation we’ve carried out has made the homeowner feel good about the decision they made. Now, several customers are looking at switching their petrol or diesel car for an electric vehicle that can also be charged using solar power. We hope that at Electro Solar join us in doing our small bit to help save the planet.




IV. There is no grid connection to their home.

no grid ibiza

A peaceful home away from noise, crowds and traffic is many people’s Ibiza dream. Unfortunately, being cut off from the world often also means being cut off from electricity. Many properties on the island have to generate their own power locally. Often, solar energy provides the most economical, reliable and sustainable solution.

Speak to us about how best to provide cheap, clean and dependable electricity for your home

What our clients say

How satisfied are you with our service? Hear from our latest customers.

Having delayed the installation of solar for year's, due to the value of the components and finding a competent company. After investigation along with our neighbors we found ELECTRO SOLAR IBIZA to be an credible company with an open door policy. The first meeting with Sergei was encouraging and helpful. The installation was smooth, they team had the job completed in good time.
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Michelle du Prais
We have known Sergei for 9 years during which time he has maintained and updated our solar installation faultlessly. He is extremely reliable and professional. Any emergency, he responds instantly , dealing with any problem swiftly and competently. We highly recommend his services and could not do without him. William and Richard, Santa Agnes
review solar ibiza
William and Richard
Estamos muy contentos con Electro Solar. Después de muchos años de la instalación y buen funcionamiento continuamos teniendo toda la atención de Sergei. Sin hablar de su amabilidad y disponibilidad para explicarnos todo el referente a cualquier duda o curiosidad que tenemos sobre la instalación. Gracias Sergei, eres un profesional!
Maria Helena Bueno Ardenghi

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